DirecLink Heavy Duty Truck Modules

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 The Heavy Duty (HD) Truck Module Kit is used to convert the data network of your Heavy Duty Truck to a network that is compatible with the DirecLink brake controller. For trucks with a six (6) pin Deutsch connector.


Box Contents:
-HD Truck Module
-HD Truck Cable (6 Pin)
-DB9 Extension Cable

Advantages of the DirecLink brake controller for HD Trucks:
  • Connects to the truck’s network to provide fast and accurate proportional trailer braking
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Works with electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brake systems (1 to 4 axles) 
  • Offers the most comprehensive towing diagnostics for truck & trailer status and connections
  • Vehicle speed is monitored which allows the driver to adjust for high and low-speed braking
  • Error messages are in “plain English” and reset automatically when the error is corrected
  • Allows the driver to “fine tune” the trailer brake level for optimal performance & satisfaction
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